There’s just a very thin line between art and kitsch, but there are some
innovative bands operating smartly near, but never beyond it. Among those: ANCIENT BARDS, managing that balancing act with ambitious grace.

It is with extreme excitement that we announce that this fall we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the foundation of Ancient Bards with a new SPECIAL live set! You’re all invited to the party, here’s where you can find us:

Sept 23rd - Dusseldorf DE - Pitcher

Sept 24th - Roeselare BE - De Verlichte Geest

Sept 25th - Eindhoven NL - Female Metal Event - FEMME

Oct 21st - Heerhugowaard NL - Jc Kompleks

Oct 22nd - Zaandam NL - DE FLUX

Oct 23rd - Arnhem NL - Willemeen

Nov 5th, 6th - Tokyo JP - Japanese Assault Fest at CLUB SEATA

Thanks to our booking agency JBM Events, our Japanese record label SPIRITUAL BEAST and our best buddy Martijn van Uffelen for making this happen.


Rockshots Music Management and Limb Music proudly present:

ANCIENT BARDS - A New Dawn Ending Tour 2014


Ancient Bards are ready to embark on their first-ever European Tour supporting latest effort "A New Dawn Ending"


"A New Dawn Ending Tour 2014" European First-leg: 

Oct 18 - BELGIUM (Metal Female Voices Fest - Wiez)

Nov 1 ITALY (Bologna - Zona Roveri)

Nov 14 GERMANY (Berlin - Blackland 666)

Nov 15 GERMANY (Bremen - Meisenfrei)

Nov 16 HOLLAND (Arnhem - Willemeen)

Nov 27 ITALY (Roma - Traffic)


Nov 29 ITALY (Busto Arsizio - Comunità Giovanile)

Nov 30 ITALY (Brescia - Colony)

New Videoclip IN MY ARMS

Ancient Bards, Limb Music and Rockshots Music Management are proud to present to you the video clip of "In My Arms”, the first single from the band’s new album "A New Dawn Ending,” which is coming out on April 25th in Europe and Japan and on June 10th in North America. 
"In My Arms" is the dejected and resigned inner cry of Queen Shena, as her aching eyes with which she saw her son Surod (Dorus) pass away 16 years ago are tormented once again as she must now bear witness to the anguishing duel between
Daltor and Sendor.

The video was directed by Matteo Ermeti.


Ancient Bards announce new album

ANCIENT BARDS along with Limb Music and Rockshots Music Management, are proud to present A New Dawn Ending.

This is the title of the new album of Ancient Bards, containing the third and last chapter of the first part of the Black Crystal Sword Saga, which began with The Alliance of the Kings in 2010 and continued with Soulless Child in 2011. Ancient mysteries, entangled schemes, come in succession together with strange revelations, during the long and intense battle this chapter is about, a battle that takes place both inside and outside the charachters. The songs were all recorded at Simone Mularoni’s Domination Studio. 
A New Dawn Ending will be released via Limb Music on April 25th, 2014

Daniele: "For us now it's a habit and a guarantee to record at Domination Studio, with Simone we studied the best sound for this album, which this time goes beyond our previous productions: the guitars are even more aggressive, the orchestrations and arrangements are more epic than ever, while the choir, which is more present, has a new and more important role. These are the main ingredients of this final chapter of the Saga. The music flawlessly delivers the events of the story, every note fits it perfectly like a tailored suit. With this album we tried to reach a high level of epicness because we want the listeners to enjoy it to the fullest: the choruses are likely to resonate in your head for a long time. The composition are, of course, all enriched by the beautiful, clear and strong voice of Sara, by the engaging solos of Claudio and Martino and accompanied by the uncontrollable machine that is Federico.This can probably be the best chapter of the saga so far."

In addition to all of this, there’s an added value to the album, a very special guest in the track The Last Resort: Fabio Lione from Rhapsody of Fire, a name that definitely doesn’t need any introduction, duets with Sara in pure magic.

The album contains 10 songs, including 2 suites: one of over 12 minutes, and one of nearly 17 for a total of over 70 minutes.

Here's the tracklist of A New Dawn Ending:

01 - Before the Storm (1:39)
02 - A Greater Purpose (7:55)
03 - Flaming Heart (6:52)
04 - Across This Life (4:31)
05 - In My Arms (5:25)
06 - The Last Resort (6:06)
07 - Showdown (12:48)
08 - In the End (5:11)
09 - Spiriti Liberi (4:49)
10 - A New Dawn Ending (16:37)

The cover artwork will be revealed soon: it was designed by the master Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, etc.) and it truly encapsulates the essence of this chapter.

Get ready, the Black Crystal Sword Saga pt.1 comes to an end.

Fabio Lione as guest vocalist on new Ancient Bards album

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the special guest who duets with Sara: Fabio Lione! Directly from Rhapsody of Fire, Fabio doesn’t certainly need any introduction. It was an honor for us collaborate with such a great and dedicated singer, who has been able to blend in perfectly with the song and fill the shoes of the character he gives voice to, a singer who has no limits of any kind!

Fabio has decided to leave Ancient Bards

Hello everybody, we are sorry to announce that Fabio has decided to leave Ancient Bards, due to personal reasons.
We are grateful for all the good memories, music and time he donated us, we respect his choice and wish him all the best in life and with his other project Synful Ira, hoping to share the stage again soon.
Fabio recorded all the rhythm guitars of our upcoming album, his place will be taken by a guest in our future live shows while Simone Mularoni ( 
DGMempYrios ) will take care of the recordings in future studio albums.

Ciao a tutti, siamo dispiaciuti nell'annunciare che Fabio ha deciso di lasciare gli Ancient Bards per ragioni personali.
Gli siamo grati per tutti i bei momenti passati insieme, rispettiamo la sua decisione e gli auguriamo il meglio nella vita e con il suo altro gruppo, i Synful Ira, sperando di condividere presto il palco nuovamente.
Fabio ha registrato le chitarre ritmiche del nostro terzo album, parti che verranno eseguite da un ospite nel prossimi live e da Simone Mularoni nei prossimi album.

Ciao Baldo, grazie!

Ancient Bards announce new album

There you go! Get ready to dive back into the Black Crystal Sword Saga in 2014!


Soulless Child isn't out yet, still we have the first review! Enjoy!


SOULLESS CHILD release dates:
18 November 2011: Europe
14 December 2011: Japan
31 January 2012: North America

Stay tuned! New videoclip out on November 4th!!


The Ancient Bards are proud to announce the release of their second album. The highly anticipated new album, titled SOULLESS CHILD, will be available for the European market from 18 November 2011 for Limb Music and later for the American market.

With this album continues the first part of the Black Crystal Sword Saga; 10 songs of pure Symphonic Epic Metal: a more powerful and symphonic sound, massive choirs, more aggressive guitars,  engaging bass, keyboards and guitar solos, and the beautiful voice of Sara are the elements that make this work even more epic and exciting.

Daniele: We are very proud of the result we achieved with this second album, which, in our opinion, has reached a new level compared to The Alliance of the Kings, both in terms of compositions and production! Each one of us put their heart and believed in this second project, that we are sure will throw you straight into the land of the Black Crystal Sword, will make you dream and imagine the intricate story of our epic adventure as if you were in a movie!


Now, It’s time to reveal the new artwork cover realized by Felipe Machado Franco (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian and more) and the new tracklist. Enjoy and stay tuned for further news!



1-    Struggle for life                                            (01:53)

2-    To the master of darkness                        (07:33)

3-    Gates of Noland                                          (05:13)

4-    Broken illusion                                            (05:11)

5-    All that is true                                               (09:55)

6-    Valiant ride                                                  (04:13)

7-    Dinanzi al flagello                                      (01:29)

8-    Soulless child                                             (09:15)

9-    Through my veins                                      (07:19)

10-Hope dies last                                              (14:31)


ANCIENT BARDS: Exclusive, new album coming up in 2011

Hail Warriors!

After exactly one year (12 March 2010 - March 12, 2011) from the release of The Alliance of the Kings, Ancient Bards are proud to announce the beginning of the recording sessions of their second album.

The band will complete the recordings in June 2011 and the new album will be released in in autumn!

Simone Mularoni will be the producer and will follow the recordings and the mixing at his new Studio in the Republic of San Marino.

With this highly awaited album, that is the second chapter of the first part of the story, continues the journey of the heroes we met earlier in the first chapter of the Black Crystal Sword Saga, twists and battles in this new album will be delivered  with a even more epic and symphonic sound!

Daniele: after the great success of The Alliance of Kings we didn't want to waste time, and we began to work on our second album. I am excited about the new compositions, they are even more epic and symphonic than the previous ones! About the Saga: many may think that it will be the second part, but it is not like that: in the second album will be told the sequel of the first part, and the journey of our kings and heroes will become more intricate, some mystery will be will be full of surprises

Stay tuned for further news soon!


ENG VERSION: Hail warriors!! Ancient Bards officially announce a change in the line up: " due to personal problems our drummer Alessandro Carichini needs to leave our band, we are grateful for the time and the music spent together and we wish him the best!
Ladies and gentlemen please join us in welcoming our new drummer: the young and talented Federico Gatti, the new engine of Ancient Bards! more infos about Federico Gatti on his personal myspace"

ITA VERSION: Gli Ancient Bards annunciano ufficialmente un cambio all'interno del loro line up: "il nostro batterista Alessandro Carichini ha dovuto lasciare la band a causa di problemi personali, noi lo ringraziamo per la strada fatta al nostro fianco fin ora e gli facciamo i nostri migliori auguri per tutto!!
E ora veniamo alla presentazione del nostro nuovo elemento: il giovane e talentuoso Federico Gatti sarà il nuovo motore degli Ancient Bards! per maggiori infos riguardo Federico Gatti potete visitare il suo myspace."

New Release Date for "THE ALLIANCE OF THE KINGS" !!!

The release date of "The Alliance of the Kings" is postponed to 12. March 2010
We are proud to annunce 2 new live shows:
16 April 2010 - Rock Planet (RA) Italy - The Alliance of the Kings Release party concert
08 May 2010 - Boulevard (RN) Italy - EP festival / Guardians of Metal vol.1

Ancient Bards // The Alliance of the Kings

There's just a very thin line between art and kitsch, but there are some innovative bands operating smartly near, but never beyond it. Among those: ANCIENT BARDS, managing that balancing act with ambitious grace. Some say ANCIENT BARDS are somehow like "more sophisticated" RHAPSODY – that wouldn't do the sextet justice. ANCIENT BARDS are definitely versatile enough to deliver their musical visions without merely being copycats. Their debut album "The Alliance Of The Kings" is an impressive proof of this and will be a surprise for many.
"The Alliance Of The Kings" will make those very happy who love epic-melodic, classic arrangements, and appreciate a sound hovering between Nightwish, Rhapsody, Epica, and Delain. ANCIENT BARDS easily tackle that task with their versatile mix of Power Metal elements and old-school classic style, their songs brimming with zest and classy guitars. Among all these elements, the high and clear voice of Sara Squadrani is a wonderful match, a perfect fit for the epic keyboard parts, which are typical of the band's delivery. "Four Magic Elements" is a powerful, rhythmical song garnered with epic passages, "Only The Brave" combines traditional fast Metal with sumptuous melody lines. The beginning of "Nightfall In The Icy Forest" features a lot of classical elements à la Manowar, and is a bridge to seven minutes long "Lode Al Padre" – ANCIENT BARDS really strut their stuff on that one! "The Alliance Of The Kings" is laden with epic choirs, peppy guitar parts and ultra-catchy melodies.

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